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Bachelor of Arts and Master of Journalism

Arts at Monash is your comprehensive gateway to a wide range of fascinating and rewarding areas of study across the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Pair this with a Master of Journalism and fast track your way to a higher qualification.

In your Bachelor of Arts degree you will choose from a select range of majors related to the destination Masters degree. You’ll also have the scope to choose from almost 40 different areas of study for your Minor and electives, including languages, social sciences, communications, politics, human rights, and international relations.  While developing an informed, critical awareness of the fields you're most passionate about, you’ll lay the groundwork for a wealth of exciting careers.

As a high achieving student (75% average), in the third year of your degree you will start to transition into the Masters degree. The journalist of the future will play a crucial role in society by scrutinising and holding to account those in power, shedding light on systemic failings, and finding the truth. If you want to enter this exciting and rapidly changing industry, or you're a media practitioner seeking to extend your expertise or refresh the intellectual basis of your practice, the Master of Journalism is a perfect choice.

You will work with award-winning journalists and academics with outstanding industry links, achieve expert skills in research and reporting in print, digital, radio and video, and explore the media's evolving role in society.

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As preparation for transitioning into the Masters degree during your third year, you will select from one of the following areas for your major:

  • Communications and media studies
  • Film and screen studies
  • Journalism

The Bachelor of Arts offers both diversity and focus, and builds informed, skilful and critically aware citizens of the world. In addition to your major, you can sample from a wide range of study areas, giving you a comprehensive base across areas in the arts, humanities and social sciences. You'll develop a rich understanding of human difference and communication, the complexities of social organisation, and humankind's trajectory through the past and into the future.

With many opportunities to undertake study overseas, or via a study tour or internship program, you’ll become an expert in your chosen area, and will be work ready, equipped with the core skills employers in all sectors are looking for including:

  • written and verbal communication skills
  • teamwork skills
  • listening and decision-making skills
  • leadership and negotiation skills
  • methods to build rapport and confidence
  • critical-thinking skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • research skills

The Master of Journalism is led by award-winning media practitioners and academic staff.  Focussed on career outcomes, you’ll build practical and applied skills in all media forms. Embedded relationships with the media industry flow from the senior editorial backgrounds of key staff. The Master of Journalism offers internship opportunities in a wide range of media outlets, from mainstream newspapers to niche websites specialising in areas such as politics, arts or fashion.

You will build your understanding of a globally evolving industry through international collaborative engagement with research institutes and centres for investigative journalism in the USA, including the Center for Investigative Reporting in San Francisco and the Center for Public Integrity in Washington, DC.

This course leads to two separate degrees.

  • the Bachelor of Arts


  • the Master of Journalism

You will gain all the benefits of a Bachelor’s degree and a Masters course (see Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Master of Journalism).

As a graduate with a degree in Arts you’ll be prepared for global employment opportunities in a wide range of occupations and settings. The Monash journalism graduates are smart, skilled and ready. Media employers seek them out –and graduates have found work with The Age, ABC Radio, and national, community and regional newspapers across Australia. Their skills are also in demand in other industries, including public relations, communication, editing, publishing, digital and video/audio production.

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First Semester
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First Semester AUD15,350.00
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)
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Clayton is the largest of Monash University's campuses. Eight faculties are represented here. The campus offers a rich array of sporting, cultural, and educational events and facilities, and has a proud record of achievement in fostering collaborative research projects.


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