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Bachelor of Commerce Specialist

This course provides professional education for those wishing to become actuary, economic or finance professionals. It has a strong emphasis on developing analytical skills and offers a solid grounding and professional competence in the aspects of commerce required for careers in the corporate sector, government and the professions. There are four specialisations in the course:

  • Actuarial science
  • Economics and economic policy
  • Finance
  • Mathematical economics and econometrics.

The course allows you to focus your studies from the start, blending a conceptual theoretical framework with practical applications and covers broad discipline material through to more specialised discipline requirements. You will graduate with one of three awards.

Actuarial Science will prepare you for a career as an actuary. To provide professional actuarial advice in Australia and in most other developed countries, you must become a fellow of the local actuarial profession. This involves developing basic technical skills, learning how to apply these skills in a general setting, developing deep specialist knowledge and completing a professional course following two years' relevant work experience. Students will have the opportunity to gain industry-based experience as part of this specialisation. Graduates will be able to seek employment in international finance and business fields dealing with life, general or health insurance, superannuation, risk management and financial consulting. Many actuaries and actuarial graduates work on investment operations for asset managers, brokers and banks. There are a range of government-related jobs in regulatory control, workers' compensation, education and others. Some actuaries work with large companies on long-term strategic planning.

Economics is the science of allocating scarce resources to maximise people's welfare. Economists study both the microeconomic decisions of individuals, business and government, and the macroeconomic behaviour of the economy as a whole. Two specialisations provide a professional education in economics: economics and economics policy, and mathematical economics and econometrics. Both specialisations are designed to encourage logical thought and detailed analysis of economic issues that can be adapted to a range of careers.

The finance specialisation offers you the opportunity to complete a professional, highly focussed qualification in finance. It is quantitatively oriented and provides both depth and breadth in finance. You will learn about and apply theory and concepts in finance to enable you to critically evaluate and make decisions regarding capital investment, mergers and acquisitions, foreign exchange, valuation of financial securities and firms, money market dealing, financial forecasting, bonds and stocks and gain a comprehensive exposure to options, future and other derivatives. With this qualification you can aspire to a large number of roles in finance, including group finance director, commodities trader, derivatives trader, investment banker, project finance analyst, trade finance specialist, stockbroker, chief financial officer, mergers and acquisitions specialist, commercial banker, credit analyst, risk manager, corporate finance analyst, finance director, investment advisor, derivative or commodities trader, investment banker or corporate treasurer.

Some specific or additional units may be required for professional recognition. 

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First Semester
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First Semester AUD19,550.00
Total duration 36 MONTH(S)
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