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Bachelor of Computer Science Advanced (Honours)

The course is an advanced version of the Bachelor of Computer Science, designed for high-achieving students who wish to study computing in depth with a strong research component through the four years of study. Computer science is the theory and practice of applying computers and software to problem solving. Its practical applications span all disciplines including science, engineering, business and commerce, creative and performing arts and the humanities. You will learn how to think like a computer scientist about processes and their descriptions. This will enable you to design algorithms (instructions for computers) and data structures (ways to store information). You will also acquire practical programming skills to implement these in efficient software that solves real-world problems, as well as strong foundations in the theory of computation and its connection to mathematics.

This advanced course will prepare you for either postgraduate study or employment requiring research and advanced computer science skills. You will do a research project unit in both first and second year, supported by a research skills unit. In your third year, you will undertake either a 22-week placement in a research group or work unit of a participating organisation or a 22-week industry-based learning (IBL) placement, as part of the curriculum and supported by a generous scholarship. Through the research or IBL placement, you will apply and further develop your skills and knowledge in a professional organisation. Your studies will conclude with a full year honours-level research project in a specialist area of advanced computer science. You will graduate with strong research, analysis, problem solving, communication and teamwork skills, deep knowledge of the field of computer science, and hands-on experience in IT research.

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First Semester
First Semester AUD18,500.00
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)

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First Semester AUD18,500.00
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)
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