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Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Information Technology

In an age of increasing technological advancements the synergy between engineering and information technology will only become stronger. IT underpins engineering practice in all disciplines and industry needs graduates with skills and expertise spanning both.

In this double degree course you will acquire creative and problem solving skills to use IT in engineering applications. This could be anything from designing a stunning visualisation of engineering data, to building an app for data collection to setting up the business IT processes to deliver an engineering product via the internet.

Depending on the chosen IT major, you could:

  • use your technical skills from software development to create controllers, simulations and visualisations for anything from manufacturing to energy usage or medical devices
  • apply your creative skills and design flair from multimedia to create a great app for controlling a 'smart house'
  • use your practical understanding of business information systems to launch an online business in engineering services or products
  • put your networks and security skills to work setting up the IT infrastructure and software needed for remote sensing or transportation monitoring.

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First Semester
First Semester AUD19,450.00
Total duration 60 MONTH(S)

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First Semester AUD19,450.00
Total duration 60 MONTH(S)
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Clayton is the largest of Monash University's campuses. Eight faculties are represented here. The campus offers a rich array of sporting, cultural, and educational events and facilities, and has a proud record of achievement in fostering collaborative research projects.


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