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Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

This course is designed for those with a growing passion for the understanding of human cognition and behaviour. It provides you with a comprehensive understanding of human psychology from normal to abnormal psychology and from the genetic/molecular level to the individual and group behavioural level. The study of human psychology is ever-growing and changing and the program provides you with up-to-date thinking on our understanding of the human brain, thought and behaviour. The knowledge gained in this course will give you the foundations to make your own new and exciting scientific discoveries, help to promote mental health and to influence how those in the community think about mental health and the workings of the human brain and mind.

You will gain broad, interdisciplinary knowledge of psychology and a deep understanding of specific areas, such as addiction, brain injury and rehabilitation, memory and consciousness, neurodevelopment, neurodegeneration and psychopathology, as well as how sleep and circadian rhythms influence cognition and mental health. Your required study includes the core sequence of units accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) and neuroscience-related units designed to give you a deep understanding of the biological basis of human cognition and behaviour. Through a focus on neuroscience study, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of brain function and dysfunction. This understanding will form the basis of knowledge for the pursuit of research in the cognitive neurosciences and/or clinical psychology.

Your lecturers are active researchers, many of whom are world-leaders in their fields. They will teach cutting-edge research, often not yet seen in textbooks, giving you up-to-date information on our understanding of neuroscience, psychology and mental health treatment.

Many opportunities exist for our graduates, including academic and industry research, teaching, clinical neuropsychology and many other related careers. You could also undertake further steps to qualify to practise as a professional psychologist or pursue work as a researcher, participating in the revolution taking place in psychology, thanks to unparalleled advances in molecular genetics, developmental cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology and brain imaging.

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First Semester
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First Semester AUD14,950.00
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)
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