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Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production

Our Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is a music artist’s degree for emerging songwriters, composers and music producers, who will be taught as artists. Be part of something unique - nowhere else in Australia can you explore your musical, artistic career in this way and to degree level.

Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production

As the introduction states, the Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is a music artist’s degree. We know that most consumed music on the planet is made by creative people who understand their own practice as music artists. We believe that whatever way you choose to express yourself musically is valid, and Melbourne Polytechnic’s pursuit of excellence in contemporary music making is framed by an understanding of music as an art form. Our program is aligned with ‘do it yourself’ practice, engages with commercial pathways, and is grounded in the importance of historical context.

Variety in learning

Contemporary music is made by all kinds of musicians, using all kinds of methodologies and technical skills. The Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is not a conservatorium style degree and although we understand the importance of technical musical skill, our approach incorporates the reality of contemporary music making where musical excellence in an artistic sense may or may not be connected to technical expertise.

Be part of something unique

Melbourne Polytechnic’s songwriting and composition classes are about being inventive, establishing goals and finding new ways to challenge and engage yourself and your future audience. Our music production classes teach multiple ways of recording sound and artists, developing stylistic approaches to recording and producing.

Learn all you will need for music business

We teach music business subjects that articulate revenue streams for music artists, explain marketing principles and approaches to management of music careers. The history subjects of the course explore the rich world of contemporary music history and cultural theory subjects will engage you in considering new ways to think about the world. We have a full suite of electives that include making video clips, starting record labels, performance classes and composing music for film.

Be taught by leading experts in the Australian music scene

Melbourne Polytechnic’s seminar-style classes are given by lecturers who are well-known and active within contemporary music scenes, and who release records, win awards and undertake international tours. All our lecturers practice what they teach! We are experienced peers who want to help with your goal of being a music artist and connecting with scenes in the real music industry. The skills we teach are grounded in best-practice arts education values, and as such are transferable to many further study contexts and employment opportunities.

Students who have successfully completed the first two years of the Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production may choose to exit with the Associate Degree of Songwriting and Music Production qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You can seek RPL where your work or qualifications of an advanced and related nature have been undertaken. Academic Credit is granted on a case-by-case basis, according to our Academic Credit policy and associated procedures. Applications for Academic Credit will be assessed by relevant Melbourne Polytechnic academics and where appropriate, industry experts.

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First Semester AUD4,509.00
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Total number of students: 2190

Number of students - College: 5 - 25

Melbourne Polytechnic boasts some of the best training facilities in Australia. Many are designed to simulate real workplaces and provide services direct to the public or industry, from all of our campuses and training centres in Melbourne.

Formerly known as Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) we have a proud history that spans over 100 years delivering professional education programs in Melbourne, making us one of the most experienced providers of vocationally-oriented education courses in Australia. 

In 2014, we changed our name to Melbourne Polytechnic to encompass our two strengths in the educational sector:

  • providing higher education and vocational education, and
  • training to industry-focused students and professionals in Australia and from around the world.


  • Our international students come from over 70 different countries and study across six campuses and almost eighty courses.
  • We offer practical industry relevant training designed in consultation with leading practitioners.
  • We have outstanding student support, with free academic, financial, career and personal counselling, and free airport pick up.
  • Our onsite facilities offer leading edge technology and real life working conditions, like restaurants, salons and recording studios.
  • Every one of our qualifications is accredited nationally and recognised internationally.
  • We are goverment funded and owned.
  • Winner of the Australian Governments Premiers Award for Excellence in International Education (in 2014, runner up in 2015).
  • We employ motivated, passionate teachers who have extensive experience in their field and links to industry.
  • To study in Melbourne, the worlds most liveable city.


  • Audio Editing and Recording Studios
  • Jewellery Making Workshop and Studios
  • Library
  • Yarra House Student Accomodation
  • Free Student Parking
  • Cafeteria
  • Free wifi

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