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Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology

The Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology is a research degree offered by the School of Psychological Sciences. Enrolment involves the independent investigation of a research problem that has been formulated by the student as well as coursework and clinical placements. It is expected that the research undertaken will make a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the field of clinical neuropsychology. Doctoral students are supported by a minimum of two supervisors throughout their enrolment.

Clinical neuropsychology is a field which applies an understanding of the neural basis of cognition, emotion and behaviour to the assessment and treatment of adults and children with conditions affecting the brain. Clinical neuropsychologists are employed in acute hospitals, rehabilitation centres, aged care programs, forensic settings, psychiatric settings, and paediatric facilities. Private practitioners undertake a range of work including medico-legal assessments.

The degree prepares graduates, using the scientist-practitioner model, to conduct research in neuropsychology and to work as clinical neuropsychologists in a broad range of settings.

A feature of the course is that its training in clinical neuropsychology is extended through specialisation in a choice of areas. Students undertake an advanced specialised placement in their third year, which enables them to gain more specialised knowledge and experience in an area of their choice. Depending upon student demand, options may include:

  • rehabilitation, with its focus on assessment and management in a rehabilitation context
  • neurology, with its focus on assessment and management in a neurological context
  • child and adolescent neuropsychology, with its focus upon assessment and management of children and adolescents with neurological disorders
  • geriatric neuropsychology, with its focus on assessment and management of elderly persons with neurological and psychiatric disorders
  • psychiatric neuropsychology, with its focus on assessment and management of adults with a primary mental illness

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First Semester 19,950.00 AUD
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)
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