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Master of Applied Linguistics

Applied linguistics is one of the fastest growing fields of study in the humanities and is becoming increasingly recognised for its ability to solve language related problems at a micro and macro level. Professionals who can demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of the use of language in varied situations are highly valued in the workplace.

This course offers professionals from a wide variety of disciplines the opportunity to expand their knowledge of how language works in the context of globalisation. You will gain a critical understanding of theoretical and practical issues relating to applied linguistics, including second/foreign language acquisition, language teaching, language contact and intercultural communication.

The course has two specialisations to choose from:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Teaching world Englishes for international communication.

The applied linguistics specialisation is ideal for a range of professionals, including interpreters, editors, policy makers and health care professionals, in short anyone working with language issues in a multilingual and multicultural context. It is also recommended for teachers of VCE English language, language teachers (including English as a second language) and generalist teachers looking to improve their knowledge of grammar/language structures.

The teaching world Englishes for international communication specialisation is ideal for ESL teachers, policy makers or anyone considering taking up a position teaching/working in a country where English is not the native language of the majority of the population.

In either specialisation you will be able to apply your learning to your own context as part of the assessment process and have the opportunity to complete a research project or internship. The research training in applied linguistics that you will receive, will also equip you as a graduate to make a significant professional contribution to the field.

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First Semester
First Semester AUD15,350.00
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First Semester AUD15,350.00
Total duration 24 MONTH(S)
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