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The Master of Tourism is Australia's longest-running and most industry-focused specialist graduate tourism program designed to prepare students for diverse careers within in tourism and associated industries. In the twenty first century the 'international tourism industry' can more accurately be described as the global movement of people for a variety of motivations. As the industry continues to expand, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) is forecasting that the growth rate for emerging economies will be double the rate of advanced economies to 2030.

Areas of study covered in the course include marketing and international marketing, cultural tourism, development and planning, natural resource management, environmental studies, research techniques, cross-cultural and regional studies, sustainability and communications.

Students are encouraged to undertake part of their studies overseas in order to broaden their understanding of the international market and the role that a sustainable tourism industry can play in development within emerging economies. The course provides the option for students to attend a partially funded intensive field-school to study the patterns of development within an emerging economy in the Asia-Pacific region, such as Fiji, Vietnam or Cambodia.

In addition students have the opportunity of spending a semester on exchange at either Uppsala University (Sweden), or the Estonian Business School (Estonia). Approval must be obtained from the course coordinator and the faculty well before departure.

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First Semester
First Semester 15,350.00 AUD
Total duration 24 MONTH(S)

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First Semester 15,350.00 AUD
Total duration 24 MONTH(S)
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